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Quick Stress relief tips for men and women

Worry, stress and anxiety can trigger a host of health problems .Taking care of your long-term mental and physical health is an essential part of stress management. Not taking control of the situation and doing

Worry, stress and anxiety can trigger a host of health problems .Taking care of your long-term mental and physical health is an essential part of stress management. Not taking control of the situation and doing absolutely nothing about it will only make matters worse.


 The point to remember here is that there is a solution to every problem in life


There are countless techniques for managing stress. However, there is always isn’t time for taking a nap or reading a novel to calm down. If you are stressed the first step to feeling better is identifying the cause.


The most unhealthy thing you can do at the time you are stressed is turn to something as unhealthy as smoking or drinking to counter stress. If you are a woman, there is a high probability that you are taking more day-to-day stressors than men.


From eating a bar of chocolate to doing yoga there is a quick stress relieving tactic for both men and women. So hang on there and read on for some amazing stress-busting tips!!


  1.     Breathe:

Deep breathing is a quick and easy way to deal with at-the-moment stress. Taking slow, deep breaths can help lower heart rate and blood pressure. This technique is found to be most effective in battling stress and can help in balancing mind and body.


  1. Go for a walk:

    Virtually any sort of exercise can act as a stress reliever but a quick stroll around the block                can help you gather your thoughts and give you the much-needed me time at the same time.


  1. Turn on some music:

A flip through the old music library is one easy way to counter stress. No matter what the song sometimes just humming your favourite tunes can make everything seem alright. But remember to try something that works just right for you.

Classical music can especially be quite an effective way to relax right before bedtime.


  1. Get yourself a massage:

A good massage doesn’t only help relieve physical pain but is also beneficial in fighting stress. Don’t have the money or time for a full-hour session?? Try DIYing a hand massage as an instant stress buster instead.


  1. Get some sleep:

A quick power nap could just be the thing to give your over-stressed brain a break. Napping for even 20 minutes can help lower cortisol and other stress hormone levels.


  1. Meditation:

There have been many studies that prove that meditation can produce a sense of calm on your stormiest days. Find a comfortable spot, lie down or sit comfortably, close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes. You will feel the stress melt away with every breath.


  1. Do Yoga:

Yoga is a popular method of stress relief as well as exercise among all age groups these days. Yoga is as effective as an antidepressant drug to treat anxiety and depression. It helps in lowering blood sugar and modulates the stress response.

The Vipranti Kirani yoga pose involves lying on the floor with your legs resting against the wall. It helps not only in giving the body a good stretch but helps in creating peace of mind too.


  1. Cuddle up with your pet:

Pets are known to ease stress while boosting self-esteem at the same time. Scientific studies show that petting an animal can help reduce feelings of isolation and can even help in feeling more connected at the same time.

Playing with animals increases the production of the feel-good hormone in the body thereby lowering stress and generating an overall feeling of happiness too.


  1. Reduce caffeine intake:

Many types of research show that high levels of caffeine intake, a stimulant found in tea, coffee and energy drinks, may increase the level of depression and anxiety. It can lead to aggravated levels of panic in panic disorder patients and at the same time increase the need for anxiety medication.

Although studies on caffeine taken in moderation can be considered healthy and five cups, a day can be considered a moderate amount.


  1. Have some chocolates:

Sweet pieces of stuff can help you in calming down your stressed nerves. Just a small inch of dark chocolate stabilizes metabolism and at the same time regulates the level of stress hormones.


  1. Laugh it out:

Laughter reduces the physical effects of stress as well as fatigue of the body. But make sure it is genuine one and not a forced one. A good belly laugh is good for the soul but forced laughter doesn’t produce the same effects. 


  1. Get a good read:

A great read can get you off from the worries of the world. When the real world becomes a little too much for you to handle, try escaping into the world of fantasy or maybe a blood-pumping thriller to shrug the stress off.


  1. Chew gum:

No matter what the flavour of the gum is frequent gum chewers swear it helps keep them calm. A stick of gum can therefore surprisingly be an easy and quick way to beat stress.


  1. Journal it:

One way to handle stress is to pen down your thoughts. Keeping a journal may be one way to effectively relieve stress-related symptoms and can make your emotions seem less intimidating.

Many studies have proved that journalizing can be a valuable tool to improve mental health.


  1. Practice religion:

Research shows that religion can help buffer the stressful events of life as long as you can master the spiritual body and mind connection.


  1. Connect with friends:

Talkative people tend to be happier in general and sharing your feelings with a buddy can help greatly when something is bothering you. 


To conclude we can say that although stress is completely unavoidable these days but keeping these handy tips in mind and pull you out definitely whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. So don’t think much just vent it out!!


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