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A guide to build your balanced exercise plan

A guide to building your balanced exercise plan       Fitness is one of the important things everyone should follow daily. Adapting to any fitness program is one of the best things one can do to be fit

A guide to building your balanced exercise plan


    Fitness is one of the important things everyone should follow daily. Adapting to any fitness program is one of the best things one can do to be fit and healthy.  


   Exercise can reduce the risk of any chronic disease, and improves the balance between health and fitness. It also helps and improves the sleeping habits and self-esteem 


 Ways to choose the proper exercise plan


   Before we choose any exercise plan these are the things that need to be followed.


  1. Analyze the fitness level- A person is best known for the fitness and flexibility of their own body. There are a few things that need to be considered to assess the fitness level such as
  •  Keep a track of the pulse rate immediately after walking.
  •  Keep a track of the time you take to complete one mile of walking.
  •  Keep a track of the number of push-ups you can do at a time. 
  •  Keep a track of how far you can reach forward while seated on the floor with legs in front of you.
  •  Keep a track of body mass index which plays a very important role to start the exercise.


  1. Design an appropriate fitness program- Exercising every day is easy to say but there should be a proper plan. Before choosing any program these things need to be followed.
  •  Consider fitness goals- Have a proper fitness goal that can help you gain good results and help you stay motivated.
  •  Start exercise in ascending order- If you are a beginner then you start exercising slowly and the workouts should increase gradually.
  •  Plan to include different activities- Just to avoid the boredom with the exercise we do every day there should be a change in it such as gym, yoga, Zumba, aerobics etc.
  • Maintain a balanced routine- There should be a physical activity for everyone at least for a little time because this plays a very important role to keep us healthy.


  1. Arranging the equipment- The first thing that gets in our mind before starting proper exercise is shoes. We should always pick the desired shoes for the activity we choose, choose the exercise equipment which is practical, enjoyable, and easy to use, and choose a proper fitness tracking device so that it helps us to keep a track of the number of calories we burn. 


  1. Start the exercise- Start the exercise slowly based on the type of activity we opted for. Before you start there should always be a warm-up session to make the muscles strong, and improves stamina. Initially, exercise should be for short period and once we get used to it we can increase the exercises as per the stamina of a person. Choose to make creative exercises which give us fun such as walking, cycling, dancing, jumping and rowing, etc. If you feel any pain or shortness of breath take a break and do it accordingly. There should be a rest for a day or two in a week. 


  1. Monitor the results- Take the self-fitness assessment after 3 weeks of your program starts, if you get the desired results continue doing it, if don’t get disheartened but set new goals of exercise and get motivated which can help us to reach the desired goal. 


Types of exercises


  There are different kinds of exercises which help to reduce weight and help to improve health.


  • Endurance or Aerobic exerciseAerobic exercise is also called cardio or endurance activity but this is a great activity to burn more calories and unwanted fat in the body. The best part of aerobics is to make the heart and lungs stronger. The activities in aerobics consist of jogging, running, swimming, gymming, etc. It helps to boost your heart rate and breathing, sends more oxygen to the muscles, and tunes up cardiovascular endurance.


  1. Strength trainingStrength exercises help in improving the body ratio of lean muscle mass to fat, protects against bone loss, and builds muscles. Some people choose to lift weights to increase their muscles. However strong muscles help you to keep independent and make daily routine activities easier such as getting up from the chair, climbing stairs, carrying groceries, rushing for the bus, etc. This is also called resistance training.


  1.   Balance exercise- Poor Balancing of the body is difficult as the age grows which may lead to falls which can cause head injuries, injuries to the nervous system, hip fractures, and also can lead to serious health complications. Much lower body exercises can improve balance easily such as Tai chi, yoga, pilates, Zumba, dance etc.


  1.   Flexibility exercise- The exercises consisting of stretching, jumping, bending, etc help to make the body more flexible. So basically a well-stretched muscle can easily achieve its high range of motion and also improves athletic performance.


Benefits of Exercise


Exercising and physical activity every day are always beneficial to everyone. So here are a few benefits of doing balanced exercise,


  •  It improves the ability to control and stabilize the body’s positions and exercise can also be beneficial to people of any age including pregnant women to stay fit.


  •  Exercise helps in increasing muscle strength.


  •  Physical activity helps in reducing and gaining weight.


  • Exercise helps balance training to help people to balance during the sports activity. 


  • It is beneficial in maintaining health and staying active all day.


  • This increases the circulation of blood and oxygen to the muscles.


Disadvantages of exercises


Rest plays very importantly after doing any kind of exercise because it helps our body to recover for the next session. Case if you have not taken enough rest may lead to health issues such as 


  • Feeling tired
  • Mood swings or irritability
  • Trouble in sleeping
  • Body pains
  • Feeling anxiety
  • Sore muscles or heavy limbs
  • Losing motivation




 Physical activity daily plays a very important role in everyone’s life which can keep us healthy and active throughout the day. So you have to choose properly balanced exercise depending on the type of the body.


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