Boost your protein intake with these  tips

Boost your protein intake with these tips plant-based proteins, smart snacking, protein-packed breakfasts, smoothie magic, and protein balance.

Plant Power: Vegetarian or vegan? Don't worry, plant-based sources like legumes, quinoa, tofu, and tempeh provide ample protein along with essential nutrients.


Smart Snacking: For healthy and filling snacks, opt for high-protein options like Greek yogurt with berries, hard-boiled eggs, nuts and seeds, trail mix, and homemade energy balls that are also low in calories.

Quick Breakfasts: Don't skip breakfast! Jumpstart your metabolism and fuel your morning with quick and protein-rich options like overnight chia seed pudding, Greek yogurt parfait, omelet with veggies and cheese, protein smoothie, or tofu scramble.

Smoothie Magic: Enjoy the convenience and nutrition of protein-packed smoothies with a variety of flavours like green, tropical, chocolate, berry, and PB&J to kick-start your day or recharge post-workout.

Protein Balance: For personalized advice, consult a healthcare professional or dietitian to determine your protein needs, aiming for 1.2 to 1.7 grams per kilogram of body weight while maintaining a balanced diet and avoiding excessive intake to protect kidney health.