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How to apply makeup like a pro – A step by step guide tutorial

How to apply makeup like a pro - A step-by-step guide tutorial Watching a YouTube makeup tutorial or TikTok beauty hack and feeling overwhelmed by the endless number of steps is entirely normal.  Forget the introductory material;

How to apply makeup like a pro – A step-by-step guide tutorial

Watching a YouTube makeup tutorial or TikTok beauty hack and feeling overwhelmed by the endless number of steps is entirely normal. 

Forget the introductory material; what happened to the fundamentals? 

At present, the most dramatic wing tips, eyelid embellishments, and negative space eyeliner are all the rage.

If your vanity drawer is bursting with cosmetics and you’ve ever wished you could apply them like a pro, then this detailed guide is for you.

After studying through professional interviews and watching their videos, you will have access to many expert ideas on applying makeup daily and some can’t-miss product choices for when you’re in the mood to get creative.

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How to Put on Makeup, Detailed:


  1. Apply moisturiser first.

Day and nighttime hydration are essential for all skin types, but morning sunscreen is necessary. 

Before applying moisturiser,  Experts suggest washing your face and using a toner (particularly before bed). 


  1. Dab on a little primer.

Applying a makeup primer before your regular makeup can help it last longer, especially if you have a busy day or it’s boiling outside. 

To paraphrase the experts’ opinions: “A good primer is supposed to make your makeup last the same all over your face.” 

This means the makeup won’t fade or dry out on dry patches and won’t smear or break up on oily patches like the T-zone.


  1. Set a Base with the Foundation

Foundation can be applied in several ways, including with your fingers, a cosmetic sponge, or a foundation brush; choose whichever method is most convenient for you. 

When applying a modest amount of foundation, such as a single application of a lightweight liquid foundation or a BB cream, most people prefer to use simply their fingertips.


  1. Hide the spots you need more protection on with ‘Concealer.’

You can use a brush, a beauty blender, your fingers, or any other tool to apply concealer, just like you would with foundation. 

However, using a brush will give you somewhat more coverage. But remember, a little goes a long way with concealer.

 Apply it only where you want it to be concealed.

Apply a little concealer to the area beneath your eyes and blend it if necessary to hide the puffiness and dark circles. 

Makeup artists warn that concealer can clog pores and look cakey on the thin skin around the eyes. 

Then, dab a small amount over any flaws or red areas, waiting a few minutes for the mixture to dry before topping it with powder.


  1. Give that face some colour!

In addition to giving your face a sun-kissed glow, bronzer can also be a contouring tool. 

It’s essential only to use colour where the sun would naturally tan your face when applying a contour to shape your cheekbones and jaw. 

Specifically, “[Pay Attention to] Your Hairline, Bridge of Your Nose, and High Points of Your Cheekbones,” 

 Experts warn that, while “contour should resemble the colour of shadow on your skin,” you should be careful not to pick a shade that is too dark.


  1. Highlight the Main Features

No beauty routine is complete without a shimmery highlight. 

You have the option of a swipe so bright it can be seen from outer space or a more subtle, natural-looking glow. 

Any area that has to be highlighted, from cheekbones to clavicles, can be done with a highlighter. 

Although he acknowledges that highlighting just the tip of one’s nose is all the rage on the online video-sharing platform YouTube, MUA cautions against doing so in real life. (Unless that’s the point, in which case, keep going!)


  1. Play Around With Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow can be applied in various ways, but there are a few fundamentals to keep in mind. 

According to Experts, the light tones closest to your skin tone serve as a foundation. “A darker shade defines and gives shape to the eye’s contours. 


  1. Make Eyeliner the Main Focus of Your Eyes

Some people only wear eyeliner on special occasions, while others can’t imagine living without it. 

However, having a simple black liner in your makeup kit is always convenient when the mood strikes.


  1. Put on some Mascara.

Makeup experts and the rest of us use slightly different mascara application techniques.

 MUA suggests trying this if you usually just pile it on. 

After curling the lashes, apply mascara by “wiggling” it from the base to the tips. The result is a deep, voluminous lash line at the lash base.


  1. Don’t Forget to Prep Your Lips!

A lip liner is a great way to shape your lips and extend the wear of your lipstick. Apply liner first, and then use a light hand to blend in the remainder of the lip colour as a form of contouring. 

Applying lipstick on top gives the lips a fuller, more three-dimensional appearance.

 Even when the lipstick fades, the liner remains visible, so your lips never seem naked.


  1. Put on some lipstick and gloss.

What really matters is the specific order in which lip cosmetics are applied. Apply lip liner first, then lipstick, and finally lip gloss. 

Experts suggest to line and filling up lips with lipstick either directly from the bullet or with a lip brush.


  1. The Set-Up!

If you want your makeup to last all day, after you’ve put in all that effort, use a setting powder, setting spray, or both. 

Choose a makeup formula based on your skin type and how long you need it to last. 


The Bottom Line:

The finishing touches have been applied to your makeup. (YAY!)

Makeup application techniques like these are helpful for every occasion, from a day at the office to a night on the town. ( Cheers!)


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