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Fashion Tips to look classic

Fashion tips to Look Classic   ​​Looking expensive doesn't always require being expensive always.  Sometimes all you need to look and feel sophisticated and chic is to always pick up items sensibly from your fashion wardrobe to get

Fashion tips to Look Classic


​​Looking expensive doesn’t always require being expensive always. 

Sometimes all you need to look and feel sophisticated and chic is to always pick up items sensibly from your fashion wardrobe to get the right look. 

So if you require a little sophistication and style but don’t know where to start? 

Well, you have arrived at the right place. 


Here are some tips and Guidelines to teach you how to dress up classy and Elegant while always having your fashion quotient on the spot. At the same time read on to gain confidence with different fashion tips for styling different look from your closet.


How to Elegant and Classy:


Elegant styling is not something that you can learn overnight. At the same time, you don’t have to be pricey to get the right look. Sometimes just by adding the right neutral colors, jewelry, and simple make-up, one can stand out in any crowd. Here are a few tips to get started-


  • Buy the right Fit- 


No matter what your body type is, dressy and classy means buying clothes that fit you perfectly and at the same time enhance your curves.


  • Plus-sized ladies should opt for long skirts and tops. Body-hugging clothes may not be the right choice for them
  • Petite ladies should go for silhouettes rather than mini-skirts to make them appear taller


  1. Choose Neutral colors-


It may sound like a cliche, but one can never go wrong with neutral colors like white, beige, and black.


 One of the best ways to look more elegant is by adding more neutral colors to your wardrobe.

It is because neutral colors can be paired up effortlessly with endless combinations and never go out of fashion.


  1. Wear Minimal Make-up –


Avoid overdoing your make-up unless you have to attend an event or an office party. Regarding eye make-up, heavy mascara and eye shadow are a big no. The lesser the eye make-up, the better, undoubtedly.


To look natural and classy simultaneously, one needs pink lip gloss, some powder, and a little eyeliner for that perfect natural look. 


Rules are meant to be broken if one is attending a party where donning red lipstick, dark mascara, and a black dress can instantly make you look classy.


  1. Wear Classy Shoes-


Pointy elevated high-heels make one look classy instantly. Always invest in a good pair of shoes as elegant ladies wear what they can walk properly. So opt for wearable heels always, or wear black pumps easily paired with basic tights or jeans to get that super classy feel.


  1. Buy Quality over quantity-


Cheap clothes are easily identifiable and tend to wear off over time. Never be afraid to invest a little more in quality dresses and accessories. Investing in high-quality, long-lasting stuff may save you from new clothing items all the time. 

It is important to start dressing right to be taken seriously in life by others.


  1. Choose the Right Hairstyle-


To look graceful and authentic simultaneously, remember to wear a haircut that highlights your facial features and bone structure best. Keep your style neat by avoiding flyaways in a sleek ponytail, layers, soft waves, or Buns, whatever way you wear your hair.

Never cut your locks because others are doing it too. Keep your hair the way it feels right or the way it makes you feel good and confident. 


  1. Apply Lipstick Always-

Always carry your favorite shade of lipstick in your bag so that you can refresh it as and when required. Applying fresh lipstick every time you have lunch or leave your room or house is just the kind of classy lady move you would like to possess.


At the same time, remember to wear the right shade as per the situation. For example, Nudes are perfect for everyday wear, whereas deep reds or burgundy are just perfect for night outs or special events.


Remember to apply primer first to avoid bleeding lips for your lip color to stay on longer. To seal it in, apply a double-layer coat over it.


  1. Remember to smell good-


Choose the perfumes that you are going to carry carefully. Cheap perfumes can have an overpowering smell and make you look unclassy. You should smell the perfume you want to put on before actually putting it on, and at the same time, make sure you like the smell too.


Keep a small bottle of classy popular fragrances in your handbag to keep smelling good throughout the day.


  1. Put on a smile-


A classy lady always carries a warm and welcoming smile with her personality. Remember to keep your pearly whites shiny and bright, and don’t forget to flash them whenever required. An engaging smile at the right moment can improve opportunities in the corporate world. Remember to brush regularly, floss, and use a mouth freshener to look classy.


  In Conclusion:


Remember, a classy woman feels pride in herself and carries whatever she wears with grace and confidence. Your style is your expression of who you are and is not to be judged by others. To dress up to impress others rather than dress up to please or feel good about oneself. 


If you believe you are a classy woman, the people around you will believe it too. After reading this article, I hope you have a better grasp of how to dress up classy for any occasion in the right way , shopping better and guide you towards the areas you need to brush up on while transforming you in the process.


Being classy is all about being yourself; remember you dont need a lot to look good but what you do need is to buy what makes you feel great and nothing more. You can do it in merely 15 pieces too !! keep that in mind and have fun!


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